How do I solve a potential bookkeeping mistake?

This article provides information on how to resolve the error message 'Potential bookkeeping mistake'.

The message 'Potential bookkeeping mistake' can have a number of causes. On the invoice page, the timeline on the right shows the reason. A few examples:

  • The outstanding amount is higher than the invoice amount

The customer has another outstanding item. If you click on the debtor's name, you will see a list of outstanding amounts. By compmaring with the accounting records, you can see what went wrong.

  • Too much has been booked on this invoice
You can solve this message by booking the overpayment not on an invoice, but on the debtor. The most logical solution would be to then refund the amount.
Tip: if the 'Online payments' module is enabled, the customer can easily pay via iDEAL. This way, the customer always pays the exact amount.
  • Invoice has reopened after a longer period

The invoice has been reopened. This is a reason for Payt to issue a notification.