How do bundled reminders work in Payt?

With bundled reminders, you send your customer one reminder for all outstanding invoices.

Last updated: April 11, 2024

Within Payt, you can combine several reminders for the same customer into one bundled reminder. For example, if your customers often receive several invoices at the same time, this could be a solution to reduce the number of e-mails and give them one reminder with all outstanding items.

Bundled reminders from the first or last reminder

We will always continue to send invoices separately; you cannot use a bundled option here. After the invoice has been sent, you can choose whether you want to issue bundled reminders right from the first reminder or from the last reminder instead.

Bundled reminders per payment condition

When setting up bundled reminders, you can choose whether you want to remind all customers collectively, or only certain groups. Based on payment conditions, i.e. per invoice, we can choose to exclude certain groups from the collective reminders. Whether you use payment conditions varies per administration.

Interval between bundled reminders

How often a reminder is sent depends on your invoicing settings. This also applies to bundled reminders. To avoid sending reminders too often, you can set a minimum interval. By default, the minimum interval between sending bundled reminders is seven days.

Invoices that will be bundled

When a bundled reminder is scheduled for an invoice, all other invoices of the same customer are checked to see which ones can be included. Whether an invoice gets included depends on the invoice's properties, and whether it is a regular bundled reminder or the final bundled reminder. Below are some criteria an invoice must meet. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of criteria for bundled reminders.

  1. The invoice must have already been sent, either via Payt or outside Payt
  2. The invoice must have an outstanding amount; this may also be a negative amount (credit notes are therefore included if they have not been matched to an invoice)
  3. The invoice must be payable; direct debit invoices that have yet to be collected will not be included
  4. The invoice is not part of a payment plan
  5. The invoice is not part of a collection case in Payt

Optional criteria

In addition to the above criteria, which always apply, there are a number of criteria that you can decide whether to include in the bundled reminders:

  1. Whether paused invoices should be included in bundled reminders
  2. Whether invoices ready for a collection case in Payt should be included in bundled reminders
  3. Whether invoices not yet past the due date should be included in bundled reminders

Do you have questions about bundled reminders, or wish to set this up within your Payt administration? Contact the service desk for more information.