What can I do with the 'Edit step' function?

Resetting planned steps, skipping them, scheduling them on another day or executing them immediately are all done with the 'Edit step' button.

Last updated: February 19, 2024

In Payt, you can still edit the planned steps of your invoice to properly match appointments with your customer, or other changes. Click here to go straight to the functionality you're looking for:

  1. Reset step
  2. Skip next step (of one invoice, or the invoice shipment of multiple invoices)
  3. Reschedule next step
  4. Perform next step

Reset step

Setting your invoice back one or multiple steps allows your customer to receive a previously performed step again. This can be useful when you have corrected an email address and want the invoice to be sent to your customer again. Under 'Edit step', choose 'Reset step'.

Here you confirm which step you'd like to reset the invoice to. Choose 'Reset step'.

Tip: There is another way to resend your invoice to the correct email address, if you have corrected it. This support article tells you how to resend the mail immediately: How can I resend an invoice/reminder to the correct email address?

Skip next step

Certain steps in the process within Payt may no longer be necessary. For example, Payt may no longer need to send the invoice to the customer, because you have already sent it yourself.

Skip one invoice step

In cases like this, you can skip a step that is still scheduled in an invoice. To do so, you need to pause the invoice first. Click 'Actions' on the invoice page and select 'Pause'.

After this, go to 'Edit step' on the same page and the 'Skip next step' button appears.

Once the unwanted step has been skipped, the invoice can be resumed by going back to 'Actions' -> 'Resume'.

Note: Skipping planned steps in invoices cannot be reversed. When skipping, please ensure that this is done in the correct invoice and that only the desired step is skipped.

Skip the 'Send invoice' step of multiple invoices at once

You can also skip the invoice sending of multiple invoices with a bulk action. In the invoice overview, select the desired invoices and choose 'Bulk actions' in the top right. Here you click on 'Skip invoice send'.

Reschedule next step

Choose 'Reschedule next step' to decide when the next scheduled step will be carried out.

Choose your preferred date and click 'Reschedule next step'. Rescheduling your invoice takes into account holidays, weekends, and permitted sending windows.

Perform next step

Do you want to execute the next step of an invoice immediately, e.g. because you have spoken to your customer about it? Then choose 'Edit step' -> 'Perform next step'. At the first opportunity, the step will be executed.