How do I set up my invoicing process?

This is how you set up an invoice path that suits your style.

Last updated: May 28, 2024

In this article you will find basic invoicing settings you can choose in Payt.

Set reminders

By answering three questions, you decide when Payt should start sending reminders to your customers:

  1. How many days after the due date you want to send the first reminder
  2. How often you want to send a reminder
  3. What the payment term should be for your reminders

Are there any exceptions to this? Please discuss them with a Payt employee to go through the options.

Minimum amounts for sending

Furthermore, in your 'Invoicing' settings, you can enter a minimum amount for which Payt is allowed to send a reminder. Invoices with an outstanding amount lower than this minimum are blocked automatically, so you can decide per invoice whether to write off the amount or still send a reminder.


You can set a default language for communicating with your customers under the 'Language and country' settings. Furthermore, you can choose here:

  • Formal or informal communication: do you address your customers in a formal or informal manner?
  • Substitute language: if a language from your accounts is included that we don't have a translation for, which language do you want to use?

Sending days

You can customise the dispatch days on which invoices and reminders are sent. By default, invoices are sent from Monday to Saturday, and reminders from Monday to Friday. Here, you could also add Saturday and/or Sunday.

If you don't do your bookkeeping every day, you can choose to send reminders only on the days after bookkeeping is done to avoid unwarranted reminders.