How do I resend an invoice or reminder by post?

Learn how to resend an email by post.

Last updated: February 21, 2024

Changing a customer's default sending settings

If, after sending an email, it turns out that the customer wants to receive standard letters instead of emails, you can still change this.

To do this, first go to the customer page in question. Click 'Customer settings' at the top right and go to 'Sending settings' in the left-hand column. Here you will find the settings 'Send invoices by email' and 'Send reminders by email'. You can change these and save them at the bottom of the page.

Then go back to the invoice page. Here, click 'Edit step' and then 'Reset step'. This puts the invoice process back one step and the invoice or reminder will be sent again.


Sending an invoice or reminder by post once

Don't want to change the invoice process, but instead send an already sent invoice or reminder by post to your customer just once? You can set this up in the timeline of the invoice or case.

To do so, go to the timeline of the invoice or case in question. Click on the three grey dots on the right, and select '(Re)send letter. A pop-up will appear with the address details. Check the details and click 'Send letter'.

Note: You can only resend the invoice and the most recent reminder.