How do I edit an invoice document?

Learn how to modify an invoice document in Payt after it has been linked to an invoice.

Last updated: October 30, 2023

If you want to modify a linked invoice document, you can do so by submitting the invoice document to Payt in the same way as the original invoice document is linked. A new import will then replace the invoice document with the most recently submitted version.

Invoice documents are linked to accounting package

Are your invoice documents retrieved directly from your accounting package? In that case, the invoice document will be modified in Payt after the next automatic import.

Invoice documents are linked via mail2payt

Usually, Payt links invoice documents to invoices by matching the file name to the invoice number. If you wish to replace the invoice document, you can do so by sending an invoice document with the same name to the mail2payt address that's been provided to you.

Modify or add invoice attachment

When customising invoice attachments, the same rules apply as when customising invoice documents. In addition, invoice attachments can be added and deleted in Payt on the invoice page.