How can I resend an invoice/reminder to the correct email address?

Read here how to resend an invoice or reminder after updating the email address.

If an invoice or reminder has not been sent to the correct email address, you must first adjust the debtor's email address in your accounting package. At the next import, the address will be adjusted in Payt. You will then see the new email address in the debtor details.

Then, on the invoice page, click on the three grey dots at the top right of the invoice or reminder you want to resend from the timeline. Click 'Resend email'.

A pop-up will appear with the email address the invoice or reminder will be sent to, so you can verify this is the right email address. If this is correct, you can click on 'Resend email'.


If the invoice is blocked due to an error message related to sending the email, you will need to resume the invoice yourself via the 'Actions' button at the top of the page.

Note: It is not possible to resend bundled reminders. You can only resend the invoice and the most recent reminder.