What does the error message 'Email not deliverable' mean?

This article provides information on how to solve the 'Email not deliverable' issue.

Why is my email not deliverable?

If you get the message 'Email not deliverable' there can be several causes.

  1. Error in the email address
    It may be that the email address of your debtor is not entered correctly. Perhaps a letter is missing or there is an error in the name. If this is the case, you will have to solve the error in your accounting package. Once it is adjusted in the accounting package, the error message will no longer appear in Payt.
  2. Email address does not exist anymore
    Perhaps the email address of your debtor is an old email address or the debtor has written the email address incorrectly. In this case, please contact the debtor to confirm the correct email address.

How do I solve this error?

  1. Adjust the email address in your accounting package.
  2. Go to the 'Import' tab in the top menu. Click 'Import now' and do a manual import. If this isn't possible, you'll have to wait until the next automatic import. After the import, the changes will be applied.
  3. Go back to the invoice and check whether the correct email address is displayed on the left.
  4. If this is correct, go to the timeline on the right and click 'Resolve' next to the error message.
  5. In case the invoice was blocked, you'll have to resume it. To do this, press 'Actions' and then 'Resume' at the top.
  6. Go to the email you want to send again, open the three grey dots next to this step in the timeline, and click 'Resend email'.

Did you receive the message 'Bounced address'? Contact the Payt service desk for help.