How do I set up a new customer hierarchy?

Learn how to manage main customers and sub-customers in Payt.

Last updated: December 21, 2023

The Payt customer portal can be configured to allow a main customer have access to invoices and communications of sub-debtors. This can be useful for a parent company that wants to have insight into the invoices of subsidiaries.


The relationship between the customers, which we call customer hierarchy, can be set by a Payt user with at least full rights to the administration. This can be done via the tab 'Customer portal' on the left-hand side in the administration settings.

How it works

When the main customer opens an invoice file on, the invoices of the linked sub-customers will be included in the overview. Only the main customer has access to the invoices of the sub-customers. Any sub-customer visiting will not be able to see the invoices of the main customer and each other's invoices.


A main or sub-customer can only be part of one hierarchy.