How do I add an invoice document and/or invoice attachment?

Read how to add an invoice document and/or invoice attachment to your invoices.

Various documents can be added to your invoices. Payt distinguishes between invoice documents and invoice attachments.

An invoice document is the original PDF of the invoice. An invoice document can be linked to the invoice in Payt via the connection with your bookkeeping software or you can add the invoice document manually.

If there is no invoice document linked, you will see the message 'Invoice document is missing'. You can filter this by checking the box 'Invoice document missing' under 'Attention'. It is import to resolve these issues quickly, as Payt will not be able to send your invoices if there is no invoice document added.

Adding an invoice document

There are two options for adding invoice documents to your invoices.

  1. In some cases, Payt can import invoice documents straight from your bookkeeping software. This will be organized during the implementation of your administration.
  2. It is also possible to send an invoice document to a special email address. The invoice document will then be linked at the next import, provided that the submitted file name has the correct format.

Adding an invoice attachment

An invoice attachment can be a specification of the invoice, for example. Attachments can be linked via your accounting software as well as manually added to an invoice in Payt. To do this, go to the invoice and click on 'Add attachments' to add your files.