How can I log in securely in Payt?

Within Payt, we have several ways to log in securely: two-step verification (2FA) and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Last updated: May 6, 2024

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On allows users to log in once after which access to multiple applications is automatically provided. To this end, Payt has built in support for Microsoft SSO and Google SSO. With Microsoft SSO, it is also possible to enforce this for the entire organisation, so that every Payt user must log in with it.

Setting up Microsoft SSO

To activate Microsoft SSO, contact the service desk; they will set it up for you free of charge. SSO can then be set up in your profile settings (via your name in the top right-hand corner of Payt).

You can also enforce SSO for all users in the organisation. To do so, organisation administrators can navigate to 'Organisation settings' -> 'Security'. Choose 'Enforce Microsoft Single Sign-On for all users' to make this mandatory.

Setting up Google SSO

To set up Google SSO, go to your profile settings -> 'Account'. At the bottom of the page, you can activate Google SSO.


Two-step verification adds an extra factor necessary to log in. With this, just the username and password is no longer enough to log in, but something the user can access is also required. In this case, an application on the phone with a constantly refreshing security code.

Setting up 2FA

Every Payt user can activate 2FA in their profile under 'Account' -> 'Security' -> 'Activate two-step verification'. Backup codes are generated when setting this up. Make sure you keep these somewhere safe. You will need the codes if you ever unexpectedly lose access to the authentication app, to regain access to your account.